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Evolving Technology,
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Simplicity is at the heart of all solutions at RemoraTech LLC. We are constantly looking for ways to improve interaction between human and machine through constant rethinking of our approach and studying application of the next-generation technology into the world of finance.

The solutions are designed to be open and transparent and allow our clients to discover unique datasets and solutions to meet the needs of our clients in the emerging markets. We are constantly striving to better our clients and reach their goals globally.

Join us in our journey to apply the cost-effective modern technology with true artificial intelligence behind to rethink and improve how human and machine work together.


The Order and Execution Management System is at the heart of our platform. This allows for easy integration into other new and existing systems to create a unified and highly adaptable solution for our clients.

Data & Connectivity

The market data and exchange connectivity with major Exchanges. We provide both real-time and historical market data alongside order execution connectivity directly with exchanges.

Custom Development

Custom development is at the heart of RemoraTech LLC. Every one of our solutions is designed to cater to the needs of our clients globally.

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